Song Request List

Ready to start picking music? The first time you use this tool you can start picking music right away, just enter any names you like in the title or artist field and click “Search”. The results will be displayed below.

Use the Green “Add” button to add the song choice to your “Must Play” list.
Use the Yellow “Add” button to add the song choice to the “Play if Possible” list.
Use the Red “Add” button to add the song choice to your “DO NOT PLAY” list

Once you have added songs to your request list you may then add extra notes such as dedications or special instructions next to them.

** Very Important ** Remember to save your work often, if you leave this page without saving, any requests you have made since your last save will be lost!

The first time you click “Save List” you will be asked to enter your wedding date and an email address. Then next time you visit this page, you click “Load List”. Your previously selected requests will pop up and you can continue making requests right where you left off!