Kissing Games


1. Sing a Song – MC can announce if you want to see the Bride and Groom kiss, you or your table must stand and sing a song with love in it. (Most popular because it works and crowds love it!)

2. Hershey’s Kisses – (Client to provide Kisses and Bag) Get a bag and fill it with 2 different colours of Hershey’s Kisses. The guests are invited to come up and select a kiss from the bag. If they select a (silver) kiss the Bride and Groom will kiss, and if they select a (red) one the guests must go back and kiss someone from their table. The MC or DJ can announce this game.

3. Marriage Advice – Invite the guests to come to the microphone and give a piece of wedding advice to get the Bride and Groom to kiss.

4. Kissing Die – this is an over-size 6-sided die. Two of the sides have lips on them, the other four sides have numbers from one to four. The DJ or MC can announce this game. There are variations on the result of the roll:

a) If the die lands on a lips, the B+G will kiss, if it lands on a number the guests goes back and kisses someone from their table
b) If the die lands on a number, the Bride and Groom will kiss for that # of seconds, if it lands on a lips, the guest goes back and kisses someone from their table
c) If the die lands on a lips, the Bride and Groom will kiss, if it lands on a number, the guest goes back to the table, counts the same number of seats to their left and kisses the guest sitting in that chair.

5. Demonstration – The MC or DJ can announce this game. Simply announce that in order to get the Bride and Groom to kiss, a couple in the group must come up in front of the head table and give a demonstration of how they want the Bride and Groom to kiss, the Bride and Groom must copy it!

6. Trivia Game – Usually handled by the MC, the DJ can announce it too. The Bride and Groom make up a list of 25 or so trivia questions about them, write them on separate pieces of paper and put them in a gift bag or box at the podium or head table. The guests are invited to read and answer them…If they get the question right, the Bride and Groom will kiss, if they get it wrong, either nothing happens, or the guests must suffer a consequence like kissing someone at their table, or coming to the dance floor to perform a dance of the DJ’s choosing! Example questions:

a) Guess the Bride and Groom’s middle names (if any).
b) What date did the Bride and Groom get engaged?
c) Where are the Bride and Groom going on their Honeymoon?
d) Where did the Bride or Groom go to High School?

7. Table Name Trivia – The Bride and Groom names the tables with words that are important to them such as:

a) Street you grew up on
b) Place the Bride and Groom met
c) Name of the place he proposed

If the guest wants to see the bride and groom kiss, they must go up to the microphone and explain the meaning behind the table name.

8. Name That Tune – MC or DJ can announce game, DJ plays the music. The Bride and Groom or the DJ makes up a list of popular songs that should be easily identifiable hearing only a couple of seconds of each. The guest taps the glass or otherwise makes the MC aware that they want to play, the MC announces them, the DJ plays the beginning of a song and the guest has to guess what song it is. If they guess correctly, the Bride and Groom kiss, if they guess wrong, they go back and kiss someone at their table.

9. Bell Ringing – The Bride and Groom set a small bell and each place setting and when the guests ring the bells, the Bride and Groom kiss!

10. Chopstick Professional – The guests pick up different items with chopsticks. The harder the item to pick up the better the kiss. Have the 3 levels of difficulty separated on a banquet table and set up on the dance floor. Put tent cards with the titles of the levels. Once an object has been picked up, it is removed from the table.

Easy items: golf ball, another chopstick, a flower
Medium Items: a single grain of rice, a ring, a grape
Hard items: a heavy book, something slippery, a CD, a piece of paper, a coin, a marble.

11. Putting Green – Place a putting green on the dancefloor and invite the guests to come up and putt. If they get a hole-in-one the Bride and Groom will kiss. (Client to provide putting green, ball, club, etc.)


Centrepiece Games


1. Closest Birthday – Usually an announcement made by the MC. The guest at each table whose birthday is closest to the wedding day wins the centrepiece.

2. Longest Together Couple – Usually announced by the MC. The couple at each table who have been together the longest wins the centrepiece.

3. Pass The Toonie – DJ runs this game. The DJ asks all the guests to stand up and gets one guest at each table to hold up a Toonie or a Loonie. He will then play a fun song and tell the guests to pass the coin around the table until the music stops. When the music stops, the guest holding the coin is “out” and the coin keeps going. The DJ starts and stops the music, eliminating the guests until there is one guest left at each table holding the toonie. The DJ then announces that the guest holding the Toonie WINS THE TOONIE. And the guest who offered up the Toonie in the first place wins the centrepiece.

4. Sticker – Place a sticker on the bottom of one guests tea cup at each table, MC can announce to look for it and that guest wins the centrepiece.

5. Salt and Peppers – DJ runs this game. You must have a open dance floor during dinner. Same set-up as pass the Toonie. The guests stand, one guest picks up the salt and one picks up the pepper. The DJ plays a fun song and the guests pass the salts and peppers in opposite directions around the table. When the music stops, the guests holding the salts and peppers and asked to come to the dance floor and line up facing each other in front of the Bride and Groom. The DJ will then announce that we are going to have a dancing competition between the Salts and the Peppers to a fun song like The Twist, encouraging the audience to cheer them on. The Bride and Groom select whether the Salts or the Peppers wins the centrepiece.

6. Number Draw – MC or DJ can run this game. Client supplies the envelopes and numbers. Place an envelope on each table with numbered cards in it for each person at the table. (If there are 8 guests, use the number 1-8.) At the appropriate time, the MC can ask the guests to draw a number from the envelope. The MC should also have an envelope of numbers. When each guest has a number in their hand, the MC draws a number from his envelope, and that will be the winning number at each table.