LiquidEnt_Blog_11-10-2013Whether you have a sizable budget for your wedding, or a limited one, let’s face it everyone likes to save a few bucks where they can. So, it might have occurred to you that simply loading up your iPod/iPhone/Mp3 player with your fave tunes and setting it up at your wedding venue is the perfect solution for your DJ needs.

If you’re planning a small wedding where music is simply needed in the background, then an iPod could be the ideal solution. Of course in order to do this your event will have to take place in a private home because you need the proper copywrite licenses from the Audio Visual Licensing Agency to play music with an iPod, computer or burned CD at your event (The iPod Wedding, 2012, Canadian Professional DJ Association Inc.). Unfortunately most of us don’t have an AVLA license hanging around the house, but luckily professional DJ’s in your local area do!

Besides the legal considerations, there are a variety of other ways in which a DJ certified by the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association beats the digital competition:

  1. Two words: first dance. The timing of the first dance (or the father-daughter dance or wedding party dance) are super important The iPod Wedding, 2012, Canadian Professional DJ Association Inc.). Do you really want to leave this is the “hands” of an MP3 player?
  2. The more guests you have the more opinions there are about what constitutes “good music”. Leave reading the guests’ reaction to the music to the pros. They understand the best way to get the party back on track.
  3. Do you have hundreds of hours to spend picking out the perfect songs? We didn’t think so.
  4. CPDJA certified DJs have use professional equipment and they bring along back-up equipment to their wedding gigs. They also know how to make the most of the equipment’s capabilities in virtually any setting, so you and your guests get the best sound quality.
  5. The amount of weddings a professional DJ has been to makes the summer of 2010 when you went to 12 weddings look like a cakewalk. Professional DJs know the flow of the perfect wedding reception like the back of their hand and they’re delighted when you take advantage of this knowledge!
  6. Need an MC? Require assistance glossing over an awkward speech? A pro DJ can do it all.

Aside from adding a human touch to your special day’s musical element, professional DJs also offer a variety of other enhancement options for your event. Colourful uplighting, personalized GOBOs, one-of-a-kind dance floors are just the tip of the iceberg. Get to know more about the almost endless event possibilities a professional DJ can add to your special event at or