“I have to be honest. I thought it was an odd concept when I heard about it, but WOW! I would take this over a ‘normal’ wedding any day.”

Almost one year ago, Liquid Entertainment began its partnership with Silent Beats Events. By delivering crisp and clear sound through wireless headphones into the ears of partygoers, we brought the latest trend in party entertainment to southern Ontario: silent discos. But, how has this big city party trend fared in the traditional world of wedding entertainment? Really well. We can’t honestly say that we’re terribly surprised. The digital technology that makes silent discos possible offers our couples real benefits on their big day. Check them out:

1. Silent disco parties allow you to party longer and later

Have you ever been killing it on the dance floor of a next level wedding, only for the lights to turn on at 11 pm and the DJ to tell you that it’s time to head out…because of a noise complaint? It’s every bride’s nightmare, but not uncommon, particularly in rural areas with pesky noise bylaws.

Silent disco parties effectively erase this all-too-common problem by delivering music right into the ears of guests. Though dancers might be going all-out on the dance floor, the most neighbours might hear are footfalls and conversation.

2. Three-channel technology means you can have music to suit every taste

Satisfying every musical taste at a wedding is impossible, but with Silent Beats you can get pretty close. The headphones all have three tunable channels. The means you can offer your guests three distinct dance parties. Everyone from teenagers to great-grandmothers can be appealed to.

And, let’s be honest, the weddings that strike a chord with people are the ones that speak directly to them.

3. Silent disco parties are trendy (and memorable)

Same-day video edits. Cupcake wedding cakes. Transparent boustier dresses. Food trucks. Image mapping. Do you remember the first time you went to a wedding that featured one of these trends? Of course you do, and that’s because the weddings that are most memorable are the ones that are at the forefront of a new trend. Silent weddings are the next big thing in wedding entertainment trends and from what we’ve heard so far we’re confident that guests now will be impressed – and won’t soon forget the experience.

Sold on silent weddings? Check out Silent Beats Events for more details.