Being the center of attention isn’t every bride’s bag. Luckily your DJ is here to help ease the stress of this demand on the big day.

Look Your Best
Everyone looks better by candlelight. Let your DJ create the same atmosphere. Through music, lighting and other event enhancements, a DJ should be able make the ideal environment in which you look and feel your best. That’s the first battle to feeling comfortable in front of a crowd.

Video Games
One of the newest approaches to dealing with the wedding speech jitters is to show a pre-taped video. Your DJ has the equipment to facilitate this. The video can be shot months in advance, or if you are showing other same-day edited footage it is the perfect opportunity to slip in a kind word to your guests. This is also a perfect solution for attendants or parents who would rather not deliver a speech in front of a crowd. Also, just imagine the creative possibilities!

Game Time
Kissing games, dance-off competitions, centerpiece challenges. If an icebreaker is all that is required to get you in the right headspace to deliver a speech, then reception games are the ideal tool. Luckily DJs know them all and are all too happy to do the legwork.

Keep It Personal
For smaller weddings another solution to the formal thank you speech is having the bride and groom deliver personal thank yous to guests during the cocktail or dining portion of the reception.

“It’s a more informal solution, but much more personal. Your DJ should be able to create the appropriate environment in which to do this with mellow music and focused LED lighting.” – DJ Luka

Finally, it’s not just the happy couple, attendants or parents that are stressing over their speeches. If your MC has a last minute attack of public speaking nerves, then your DJ is the best person to step into the breach. Remember, your DJ has been to hundreds of weddings and knows all of the key messages off by heart!