As we get ready for the Vintage Hotel Wedding Show this weekend we are delighted with the photos that Shawn Taylor Photography shared with us of one of our latest weddings at Pillar & Post. As you can see from the photos, Shawn is truly a visual storyteller and a gem of the Vintage Hotel Weddings referral list. Thank you Shawn!

Sheryl and Raffi, our couple from the weekend, had a PERFECT DAY! Sheryl’s superb planning really made the difference as she was able to determine the atmosphere and tone of the day well beforehand. From the co-MC team’s hilarious introductions to the last dance, the night was perfect. We provided our basic package, including dance floor lighting and a killer selection of hits from the 90’s.

The event entertainment was also complemented by the services provided by the other Vintage Hotels Wedding preferred vendors. The room looked spectacular courtesy of the awesome flower arrangements by Jessica with and linens from

Congratulations Sheryl and Raffi!

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