Sunny days, warm weather, long weekends…there are plenty of great reasons to get married in the spring and summer. However, when you start planning your wedding you’ll soon find that having a one in what we call the “high-season” can be a challenging experience that requires a lot of foresight (and a heftier budget).

That’s why more couples are opting to have their weddings in the “off-season” of winter and late autumn (or, even mid-week). Why? Let’s lay out the benefits:

1. You don’t have to plan so far in advance
The stereotype of the engaged couple who has everything planned years in advance doesn’t apply to everyone. There are plenty of couples who want an all-star wedding, but without all of the hardcore planning. However, the industry isn’t particularly well suited to those with a more laidback approach. In fact, our DJs alone are already being booked well into 2018!

Off-season weddings are the perfect option for those who want to be wed in less than a year. More venues will have space and more vendors will have availability, meaning you can create the day of your dreams – but in months rather than years.

2. It’s a great time to save money
Since more people have their heart set on getting married in the spring and summer, venues and wedding vendors fill up their schedules with relative ease and speed. If they’re confident they’ll be booked up all of the high-season, then they have no impetus to be competitive with their prices.

In the off-season however, the cost to rent space and get services decreases as the guarantee of a full-schedule decreases. Also, the off-season is a great time to access deals, special offers and packages with additional features. If you book in the off-season there’s simply a better chance you’ll get a spectacular wedding, but one that better suits your budget.

3. Your guests will love you for it
Ever been invited to two (or three) weddings on the same day? Or, have you looked at your June/July/August calendar and realised that every long weekend has a wedding? People value their summer weekends and wedding fatigue can set in pretty quickly when your guests have more than two weddings in their summer calendar.

So, why not do your guests a favour and book your wedding in the off-season? Not only will they appreciate having a long weekend or two to themselves, they’ll love the excuse to come out of hibernation in the middle of autumn or winter.

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