Liquid Entertainment is now part of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC) family!

Planning a wedding is hard work and that’s why more couples are hiring dedicated wedding planners to make their dream day a reality. It’s also why Liquid Entertainment owner and entertainment director DJ Patryk has taken the step to be certified by the WPIC.

What does that mean for you? It means that in addition to providing your event entertainment and taking on full MC duties, Liquid Entertainment is also equipped to plan your reception – from the first cocktail to the last song of the night. But, what are the benefits of investing in Liquid Entertainment’s new wedding planning services?

It’s a wise use of your resources.
Time and money are probably the two greatest factors affecting the decision of whether to hire a dedicated wedding planner. On one hand, a wedding planner can save you time, effort and can get you great deals. On the other, hiring one may be an expense you cannot manage. If this is the case, bringing a DJ company with WPIC credentials into the mix could be a wise decision.

We’re event flow experts.
Introductions, first dances, multiple courses, speeches, dancing, centrepiece games, cake cutting, bouquet tossing; there are a lot of elements that make up a wedding reception! Once you’ve established how you want your reception to roll out, leave it to the Liquid team to make it happen – on time!

We’re your calm during event crises.
Regardless of your best-laid plans, there will no doubt be a fire or two that needs putting out on (or before) your big day. With WPIC credentials and event experience, DJ Patryk and his colleagues have the people skills and crisis chops required to pave the way to on-the-spot solutions.

We know the lay of the land.
A WPIC trained DJ simply has the network and industry connections to make wedding planning a much simpler affair. The Liquid Entertainment team can point you in the direction of the venues, caterers, decorators, and florists that would suit you best!

WPIC (the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc.) is an institute of higher learning for wedding professionals in the country. For more information, visit www.wpic.ca.