Making the Most of Your DJ on the Big Day

by | Nov 17, 2015 | disc jockey, DJ, emcee, Top 40, Wedding, wedding DJ, Wedding MC


They know virtually every venue in a 200 km radius; can recite the current Top 40 hits at the drop of a hat; and understand the subtle art of keeping a dance floor packed. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the service level of your DJ by taking advantage of their vast knowledge and experience (and keeping things classy).

1. First things first: do your research! It takes time and effort to learn which DJs are in your area, how much they cost and what other clients thought about their services, but the legwork is worth it.

2. Regardless of how much, or how little, you have to spend on a DJ, be crystal clear about your budget from the start. Armed with this knowledge your DJ can propose the best service and enhancement package for you. If it changes, then let your DJ know as soon as possible so they can make the necessary adjustments to the services.

3. Involve your DJ from the start of the planning process, and listen to their insights. Despite their heavy involvement in the success of your event, DJs are often the last vendor to be hired. This is a shame because although DJs may not be wedding planners, they truly are wedding experts. Just think about how many weddings they go to each year. They know how the evening should flow and the songs that will get your guests on the dance floor. They can act as an MC if you don’t have one and are charming enough to smooth over any awkward moments. Plus they know all of the latest reception game trends.

4. Your DJ should be aware and comfortable in a vast range of venues, but if you are using a new or unusual venue it is best to arrange a visit for them to scope out the territory. They’ll be able to better suggest the event enhancements that would work best. Also if there are any unusual characteristics that might affect sound or lighting quality they can arrange in advance to have the appropriate equipment to deal with these factors.

5. To feed, or not too feed? That is the question, and there isn’t one “right” answer. When you think about it however, consider the fact that no one likes to work on an empty stomach. Though it is certainly unnecessary to provide the DJ with an extravagant spread, it is a kind and classy gesture to provide a meal. If you opt to not provide sustenance, then simply let your DJ know in advance so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.