On a beautiful Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of executing a custom package for Jessica & David. The awesome couple from Florida picked Niagara-on-the-Lake as the setting for the intimate 50-person wedding so that David’s grandmother could attend. We music for the ceremony at the Pillar & Post, as well as the music, intelligent lighting, up lighting and custom GOBO for the reception at Queen’s Landing.

The couple’s vision was throw a great party and we were definitely able to live up to the request! From the introductions to the final dance all the guests had a great time and we even were honoured to present the bouquet to the longest-married couple in attendance.  On an even lighter note, DJ Patryk claims that he saw Jessica’s father lead one of the best cupid shuffles ever he has ever seen.

Jessica and David, thank you again for allowing us to share the day with you.  And, thanks to photographer Margaret Diotalevi www.avenue-photo.com for the fantastic photographs.

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