Bridal shows are an excellent to collect information about weddings (and events) For the uninitiated however, they can also be vast and even intimidating.

With the autumn bridal show season just around the corner, here are some tips from our team about how to make the most of the experience:

Buy your tickets beforehand.
Avoid the first inevitable line-up you will deal with day-of.

Plan in advance.
Endless booths, vendor demonstrations, fashion shows, venue information – bridal shows today have it all! To ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with choice ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve and then tailor your day to the event program. Are you looking for dress options? Jot down the fashion show times. Want event entertainment options? Find out if any DJs are doing a live demonstration. Furthermore, many bridal shows post a vendor map online in advance. Print it out and use it.

Prepare your contact information in advance.
Bridal shows can have hundreds of vendors vying for your attention. To get on their contact list you’ll have to fill out a lot of forms. Make your life easier and create a small printout, or business card with your name, contact information, wedding date and budget.

Surround yourself with (a few) champions.
Bridal shows, especially the highest profile ones, are busy. To cut down on the crowds and ensure you remain on-task, surround yourself just a handful of your most positive friends and family members.

Wear comfy shoes and layers.
Concrete floors in convention centres do not make for easy walking, so do yourself a big favour and wear comfy shoes. Furthermore, the temperature can be unpredictable, so opt for a sweater and t-shirt combination (which also helps you avoid coat check).

Do apply for special offers and contests.
Even the most modest weddings can come with a substantial price tag. Do yourself a favour and sign-up for whatever raffles, deals and draws that you can find!

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